Nery & Graziosi - Cirurgia Plástica - Tratamentos Faciais

The face is considered the showcase of the body and certain factors such as natural wear, stress, pollution and excessive exposure to the sun, are responsible for causing alterations and lead to skin aging.

However, there are a number of procedures which, individually or jointly, promote the renewal and improvement of skin complexion. In general, they are procedures performed in the office and the results are quickly noticeable with only one session.

Nery & Graziosi, in their offices in Rio de Janeiro (state Capital) and Niteroi, offers some of these procedures, which allow great results: reducing the crucial signs of age, and recovering the aspect and return the natural glow to the skin, improving self-esteem and increasing the quality of life.

Nery & Graziosi - Cirurgia Plástica - Cirurgias Estéticas

Cosmetic surgeries seek harmony of sillouette without, however, interfering with the improvement of organ functions or disease treatments. They are procedures that provide significant improvements in the patient’s beauty and self-esteem.

They are surgical procedures that seek to shape or reshape desired features while respecting one’s individuality, using modern techniques and devices to ensure safety and the best results. Procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose surgery), breast enlargement or reduction, liposuction, facelift (plastic surgery of the face) are examples of cosmetic surgeries performed by Nery & Graziosi.

Nery & Graziosi - Cirurgia Plástica - Cirurgias Reparadoras

Reconstructive surgery refers to a branch of plastic surgery that attempts to repair congenital or acquired defects, as well as correcting deforming lesions, treating functional repairs such as scars, cleft palate and ear deformations.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is considered as necessary as any other surgical intervention and, in spite of its main purpose being to repair physical functions, it can also be performed to improve physical appearance.

This field of plastic surgery has several techniques that aim at recovering or improving lost or impaired functions, rendering them as close as possible to recovery.

Nery & Graziosi perform these procedures. Contact us and schedule your appointment.

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