Nery & Graziosi Plastic Surgery is headed by surgeons André Nery, Guilherme Graziosi and Flávio Távora and consists of an experienced team of professionals.

Located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with offices in Niterói and the city of Rio de Janeiro, Nery & Graziosi offers the best in Aesthetic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Facials and Microsurgery.

Dr. André Nery - Cirurgião Plástico

André Nery M.D. is a doctor graduated by Fundação Técnico Educational Souza Marques in Rio de Janeiro (2007), registered in the Regional Council of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro state under number 5283696-6.

Moreover, he has an RQE title (Registro de Qualificação de Especialista) that registers his specialized qualification as Plastic Surgeon under record number 21901.

He also has Military Training as First Medical Lieutenant of the Brazilian Navy (2008).

André Nery M.D. had his medical residency in General Surgery at Hospital Orêncio de Freitas in Niterói between the years 2009 and 2011,
Medical residency in Plastic Surgery at Hospital da Força Aérea do Galeão (HFAG – Air Force Hospital) in Rio de Janeiro between 2011 and 2014 – service accredited by organizations such as the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, MEC, AMB, CFM, and CRM.

He also participated as organizing surgeon in a Reconstructive Surgery collective effort by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery in July 2012.

He acts as Medical Specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, with offices in Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro) and Icaraí (Niterói).

Rio de Janeiro is the birthplace of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Brazil and it was in this environment that André Nery M.D. held his training with great commitment, professionalism, and love for his specialty.

His young and ever-updating gaze upon the field of Plastic Surgery, his care and attention to patients, and service excellence make André Nery M.D. a renowned plastic surgeon ready to hear you and attend to your claims.

Guilherme Graziosi - Cirurgião Plástico

Graduated in Medicine at UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense) in 2008, Guilherme Graziosi M.D. has accumulated since then several specializations in areas of surgery, including those obtained at Hospital da Força Aérea do Galeão, in which he was part of the staff of General Surgery and Videolaparoscopy Surgery.

He specialized in General Surgery, with emphasis on Liver Surgery and Liver Transplantation in his Medical Residency in the General Hospital Bonsucesso in the years 2010 and 2011. He remained in the emergency staff as a general surgeon for two years in General Hospital Bonsucesso.

He worked as a General Surgeon in the emergency room of Hospital Estadual Azevedo Lima in Niterói/RJ (2012-2014).

He is specialized in Plastic Surgery, with medical residency at INCA, Instituto Nacional do Câncer (Brazilian Cancer Institute) from 2011 to 2013.

He specialized in Reconstructive Microsurgery with emphasis on Plastic Surgery having performed medical residency at INCA from 2014 to 2015
He is a specialist in Plastic Surgery recognized by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica – SBCP 2014).

He participated and taught in extension courses on Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, and also in other important conferences and meetings in the field.

He is a specialized Plastic Surgeon with extensive training in Reconstructive, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Microsurgery registered under number 5283997-3 (RQE 22045), practicing in Niterói (Mem de Sá 19, room 412, Icaraí).

Dr. Flávio Távora - Cirurgião Plástico

Atualmente o Dr. Flávio Távora, na qualidade de oficial médico da Aeronáutica, integra a equipe de staffs do serviço de cirurgia plástica do Hospital de Força Aérea do Galeão (HFAG/RJ) e do Centro de Tratamento de Queimados, o mais moderno da america latina (CTQ/HFAG), auxiliando e orientando na formação de novos cirurgiões plásticos. Para realização de cirurgias particulares, conta com 2 consultórios localizados na zona norte do Rio de Janeiro, e Niterói.

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